Ani Kagramanian (MBA ‘93) – AUA Alumna Giving Back To Her Alma Mater

Ani Kagramanian is a proud AUA alumna of the first graduating class of 1993. The education she received at AUA has played a crucial role in her life, and when AUA launched the 200 AUA ChangeMakers campaign, it was a quick decision to join her alma mater in the exciting journey of enhancing AUA’s institutional capacity and optimizing its impact on the development of Armenia and the world.

“All my decisions and steps in business are based on the knowledge that I gained during my studies at AUA,” Ani reflects. “I am forever grateful to the founders of AUA, who made their vision a reality and founded the University during a very difficult, dark time for Armenia.”

Prior to her studies at AUA, Ani studied Mathematics at Yerevan State University in 1986-1991. She continued her education at AUA from 1991 to 1993 and received an MBA degree. In 1999, Ani and her husband founded their own business, specializing in production and wholesale in the Czech Republic and Russia.

“In my opinion, the biggest asset that Armenia has is its people, with their intelligence, knowledge, skills, historical background, and values,” Ani says. “That is why I think it is critical to develop areas to improve the living standards in Armenia.”

“Education and IT are some of the most important fields in making this happen. It will be essential for Armenia to successfully integrate itself into the global economy. I see Armenia as an active, professional, and reliable partner in international business projects and programs with its unique contribution to the world’s economy.”

Now, as an alumna supporting her alma mater, Ani is playing a direct role in helping the students who are following in her footsteps. Her message for the ChangeAgents is: “Be prepared for opportunities! Gain as much knowledge as you can during your studies and be active in your social life and University life. I wish the students of AUA great health and good luck!

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