Pascal Parrot and Lusine Yeghiazaryan

Lusine Yeghiazaryan is the Vice President of Audit, Risk and Controls, serving as Chief Audit Executive (CAE) at GoPro, Inc., and is an independent director on the Board of Directors of SADA Systems. Pascal Parrot is a seasoned technologist, network and security architect with broad international experience. Born in Paris, France, Pascal spent his youth living in France, Senegal, Algeria and Tanzania. Lusine and Pascal are committed supporters of Armenian causes and initiatives, and share an admiration for AUA’s role in Armenia.

Lusine is a frequent speaker at various conferences and training seminars, including GoPro’s Summits, Intel’s WIN, IBM’s Super Women series, and various forums on technology, youth advancement, university clubs, and women leadership. More recently, Lusine was a speaker at WCIT-19 IT Congress in Armenia and coordinated the invitations of over 30 WCIT international speakers and guests for an AUA visit and tour. Being committed to enabling opportunities for women and girls, Lusine also serves on the Board of Armenian International Women Association (AIWA), and was the founding Vice President of the San Francisco affiliate of the organization.

“We have been enthusiastic supporters of AUA’s vision and mission in Armenia since the University’s inception. Many moments of Lusine’s life, from her first English TOEFL test in 1993 to the recent visits in October 2019 as both EPIC lecturer and WCIT speaker, are associated with AUA,” Pascal and Lusine say. “We believe that AUA plays an exceptional role in positioning Armenian youth for professional success, contribution to Armenia’s development, and in creating lasting impact on society.  By becoming AUA ChangeMakers, we are aligning with the University’s vision of the future, and realizing our personal mission to support the education and professional opportunities for the next generation of Armenian leaders.”

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