Hripsime Apelian Hamstra

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of AUA ChangeMaker Hripsime Apelian Hamstra. Hrispime dedicated most of her career to teaching math and science. She began teaching at Aleppo College in Syria after completing her bachelor’s degree in biological chemistry from Beirut College for Women (1967). In the United States, she taught for many years at the middle school level, making an impact on the education and character development of hundreds of youth. She steadfastly supported the role of education in raising the next generation. In her view, higher education is instrumental in leading young adults in recognizing their unique values and how those can be used to serve others and advance society. Her contribution to AUA will help enable progress for the next generation of Armenia and Armenians everywhere.

Hrispime’s legacy will live on at AUA and her name will shine on the AUA ChangeMaker wall to inspire generations of young Armenians passing through the knowledge bridge at AUA.

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