Become a ChangeMaker

Become a ChangeMaker

How Do I Join the Group of 200 AUA ChangeMakers?

To become one of the 200 AUA ChangeMakers, donors pledge to contribute $5,000 annually for five years, with a total commitment of $25,000. Many of our ChangeMakers have also utilized their company’s employee gift matching programs to maximize the impact of their contributions.

To join this exclusive group, visit our Giving Page or scroll down to the form at the bottom of this page to make your contribution and secure your commitment.

In recognition of your commitment to join this exclusive group of philanthropists, the names of all AUA ChangeMakers will be displayed on the wall of the Bridge (seen below) that connects AUA’s Main Building with the Paramaz Avedisian Building.

Why Partner With AUA? 

AUA can help you achieve the various dreams you may have for a better Armenia. By partnering with AUA, you will come together with a large number of faculty, students, and alumni who are continuously striving to advance the quality of education that the University delivers. Working in many disciplines and across multiple sectors, the AUA community is building a new Armenia — one that is healthier, more prosperous, and more sustainable.

On the road to shaping and strengthening our 21st century visionary university, we are aware of the immense challenges we will face. We know that more than half of AUA’s students will require donor-provided tuition support. Each of these worthy students has earned admission to our exceptional and forward-thinking University. With you as our partner and supporter, their potential will soar to even greater capacities.


(The ChangeMakers Wall located on the bridge connecting the main AUA building with the Paramaz Avedisian Building)

In addition, AUA ChangeMakers will have the opportunity to take part in exclusive events listed below: 

Exclusive Events for the AUA ChangeMakers 

  1. Invitation to Special Events on Campus
  2. VIP tickets to Commencement Ceremonies
  3. Networking events in the United States
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