Campaign Supporters

AUA ChangeMakers are astute, goal-oriented philanthropists who partner with the University in our mission of educating the next generation of knowledge professionals, global thinkers, entrepreneurs, and change agents who will make a greater impact on Armenia’s power and prosperity.

AUA ChangeMakers share our objective of increasing collaboration with other institutions of higher learning and industry to accelerate the development process and augment the impact the AUA community will have on the country through the discovery of innovative solutions and advanced technology.

AUA ChangeMakers are instrumental in increasing our institutional viability and success in graduating highly effective leaders leaders who are imagination innovators with insight, knowledge, and competences; leaders who have integrity, courage, and devotion; and leaders who pursue results and advancement.

AUA ChangeMakers
ChangeMaker Spotlight
Christine Soussa & Alex Saghatelian
Vahe & Ruzan Kuzoyan
Paul & Kate Agbabian