What is the Impact of the ChangeMaker?

This exclusive group is represented by dynamic enablers who visibly bridge the diaspora and Armenia, who invest in AUA to augment our capacity and power of producing tangible results in knowledge sharing  and new discoveries in research through AUA’s Open Centers of Excellence. Through this partnered commitment, the Open Centers of Excellence will have the potential to attract and engage topnotch collaborators from different backgrounds and disciplines to work with us in creating new transdisciplinary trends in scientific discovery. Students, researchers, and collaborators will work together in evolutionary and innovative settings to discover transformative solutions to complex new challenges. 

The 200 AUA ChangeMakers are leaders that empower the University with  critical resources to bridge education, research and capacity-growth at the individual, institutional, national, and global levels. In this process, AUA will serve as the fundamental source of innovative solutions and the bridge between education and research, as well as the bridge between the diaspora and Armenia. This will allow AUA to measurably contribute to shaping the next generation of leadership and the future of Armenia.

Directors of the Open Centers For Excellence

Brian A. Ellison, Ph.D.

Interim Director of Open Center for Leadership and Governance

"The purpose of the Open Center of Excellence for Leadership and Governance is to showcase how AUA student and faculty learning, research, and outreach in the development of artistic, cultural, economic, and political leadership elevates the value of good governance and the promotion of Armenian prosperity."

Satenik Mnatsakanyan

Director of Open Center for Artificial Intelligence Solutions

"Center of Excellence for AI Solutions will bring together talent at AUA to conduct synergistic research to help to solve our nation’s and world’s problems by harnessing the power of AI."

Brian A. Ellison, Ph.D.

Interim Director of Open Center for Systems Thinking

“Leaders of tomorrow are Systems Thinkers who can handle complex challenges. This includes seeing patterns and making connections between fields, understanding a diversity of perspectives, providing incentives for local co-ownership, and creating mind shifts and behavior change – all in the construction of trust and transformative collaboration.”

Varduhi Petrosyan 

Interim Director of Open Center for Transformative Health Solutions

"The COVID-19 pandemic vividly demonstrated the links between health and democracy, the difficult balance between physical health and economic prosperity, and the importance of big data, AI, and new vaccine development. We invite you to be creative, use evolutionary thinking, and find innovative solutions in the promotion of human wellbeing locally and globally."

Michael Kouchakdjian 

Director of Open Center for Innovation Advancement

“With the rate of change and disruption only accelerating, we seek to impact real-world challenges through innovation-driven leadership and collaboration – that is supported by a mindset, a skill set, and creativity for transforming problem to opportunity.”

Alen Gasparian Amirkhanian 

Director of Acopian Open Center for the Environment

“The health of the natural environment cannot be taken for granted. It is what makes human life and wellbeing possible, requiring us to consider it in every social and economic decision we make. Aligning these interests is a defining challenge of our generation.”