What is the Impact of the ChangeMaker?

This exclusive group is represented by dynamic enablers who visibly bridge the diaspora and Armenia, who invest in AUA to augment our capacity and power of producing tangible results in knowledge sharing  and new discoveries in research through AUA’s Open Centers of Excellence. Through this partnered commitment, the Open Centers of Excellence will have the potential to attract and engage topnotch collaborators from different backgrounds and disciplines to work with us in creating new transdisciplinary trends in scientific discovery. Students, researchers, and collaborators will work together in evolutionary and innovative settings to discover transformative solutions to complex new challenges. 

The 200 AUA ChangeMakers are leaders that empower the University with  critical resources to bridge education, research and capacity-growth at the individual, institutional, national, and global levels. In this process, AUA will serve as the fundamental source of innovative solutions and the bridge between education and research, as well as the bridge between the diaspora and Armenia. This will allow AUA to measurably contribute to shaping the next generation of leadership and the future of Armenia.

Chairs of the Open Centers of Excellence