Our Proud ChangeAgents

Unleash the Potential of Tomorrow’s ChangeMakers in Armenia

Mikayel Avetisyan (MA Political Science & International Affairs ‘22)

Throughout my career in sport, I had the opportunity to visit a number of countries. And when you look at our small country from the bigger perspective, you realize that we have something inside that no other nation has. Let us call it "Energy". And where does this energy come from? Our endless substance of power is the love towards our homeland. I strongly believe that love and belief give us power even when our resources are limited. If you are capable of love, you will then believe in the future. You should persistently and courageously move towards your dreams. We love Armenia, we believe in its future, and we will work extremely hard to make it stronger, cleaner, and prosperous. 

As a professional athlete, I am looking forward to bringing drastic policy changes in the field of sports. I want to see the productive interrelation between the science and sports in Armenia.

Nver Kassis (BA in Business “20)

When I first moved to Armenia from Canada, I didn’t expect my life would change so much.  The reason I moved was that I believed in the bright-looking future of Armenia and wished to be one of the drivers of prosperity in the Armenian tech community. I am confident I will bring change since AUA has equipped me with all the necessary tools, education, and resources needed for me to succeed. It’s been a year that I’ve been working on a startup called uniQ thanks to which I’ve been an active member of the tech community. uniQ was initiated at the AUA Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (EPIC) incubator program, where we got together twice a week for lectures, sessions, and workshops. I wish every person would have an opportunity to feel the strong family bond that I experienced. The support for startups is immense. However, I’ve noticed a lack of accelerator programs in Armenia, which is causing all the potentially lucrative startups to move abroad to participate in such programs. I wish to either start such programs myself or collaborate with other accelerators to open a branch in Armenia. I believe that Armenia can become the next Silicon Valley of the Caucasus. Being a leader at heart, I will make sure to be in the front seat developing Armenia’s labor market driven by my patriotism and entrepreneurship.

Anna Isahakyan (MPH ‘20)

I long for living in a country where our collective efforts will help to build a well-developed infrastructure, and the decision-makers will take responsibility for their actions. I hope to see healthcare and education be affordable to every citizen in Armenia, and self-care, health, mutual respect, as well as knowledge, will become a priority for everyone. I want to be a part of building an Armenia where elderly will feel safe, and the younger generation will be inspired to innovate. I trust that I will graduate from AUA with the knowledge and skills I need to be a ChangeMaker. 

Gohar Avsharyan (BA in English & Communications ‘21)

I see Armenia as a developed country with stable economic growth and booming entrepreneurial developments in the IT sector.  For many years we have been dependent on agriculture, but the time has come to shift from this path. Our nation has the potential to become one of the leaders in technological innovation. As a future agent of change, one of my objectives is to become the ambassador for gender equality in Armenia. I will do my best to raise awareness and protect the rights of women in my country. I want to make sure that women's voices are heard. As an advocate for women’s empowerment, I would like to inspire every young girl in Armenia to pursue their dreams with confidence and determination and use their full potential to succeed in any path they choose. With unity and cooperation between women and men, we can change the future of Armenia.